“Balky Bose A Teenager*”

Balky Bose came on,

so turn it down, leave it on:

keeps pals with weather alert!


  • (My small Bose Radio II, not entering its middle teens never has been shielded and so its minor balkyness – Please Wait in turquoise across its LED screen – took to my method: creative ignore-ance.  I adjusted the alarm and the station to a particularyly agitating one and cranked up the volume, and after a week of Please Waits, it woke me to a screech and howl and racket.  I had the Weather Radio – off my Sangean four-band radio playing and could not for the life of me seem to adjust radio or antenna to cut out the growls, clicks and clacks and then, at last, noticed (roughly-used left ear donchaknow) it was Young Bose bellowing for attention.  We shall see when I return and seek out the FSU and then the Florida basketball games this afternoon.)