"Tales From Taiwan"

(March 16, 2020)

taiwan tells world truths

fifty cases, and one death

make a good lesson*

*(Wuhan, China, Virus cases to date reported on Taiwan: 50. Death from same: One. Both Taiwan and US. use the same Centers for Disease Control setup: they copied ours – and I am sure with permission. What they did differently is worth researching: I suspect it has everything to do with immigration and population with a minor in major common-sense hygene.)

Special thanks to Shehanne Moor and Yasmin Khan

By J Richards

These two ladies of literary note each read and appreciated another lady of literary note’s, Phoebe Chi, M.D. recently posted poem. All three are exceptional talents and is my privilege to get to enjoy their offerings. I will be out-of-touch at least a month – read previous Seminole County (Fla) library system closing notices for explanation(s).

See you soonest PuppyDoc, Smexy and Yassy!

We Are Shutting Down…county library closes

(March 16, 2020)

I typed too soon…

Seminole County (Fla.) library system to close today at 3 p.m. for Hysteria and WuHan (Corona/COVID) virus reaction…with no particular date in place for a return to service.

And I have two books en route to me from The Casselberry Branch…hopefully due today.

Thank Denis Diderot I have enough unread and would-would-like-to-reread books already mine to last me through the seclusion from WP, FB, Twit, Parler, e-mail and else. Plenty of time for garden and such.

There’s always a darker lining to the darkest of clouds: see one Charles Brown, Philosopher, Art Critic and noted kicker of footballs.

A Walk With Time

Phoebe: this love story with life has so many implications and limitless possibilities emanating and its connection to Anne Frank’s two-line dissertation on your site keeps reverberating. Without reference to sequence, one or both seem to underscore passion for people, health, happiness and a place where those may be found – in the practice of the science and art of medicine. Said by you so much more beautifully than my usual self-effacing gab of “my mortician has yet to call for an appointment…but I backstopped that by giving him my little brother’s phone number. I continue to be well-er than I desrve and thank The Lord each day I so am able such to say. Thanks, again, Doc, this goes to my blog “Commentar…” et al.

Phoebe, MD: Medicine + Poetry

Galloping between warming rays
it echoes through the still
of a quiet afternoon.
Child unburdened, mind untamed,
curiosity insatiable that feeds
her wandering thoughts.

Spring arrives,
ripened with verdant green,

like blossoms unfurling with the breeze
she spreads her timid wings.
Each hour reveals, each day a new age,
boundless fields before her,
pirouettes on a promised stage.

Then you hasten,
remain ahead of her strides.

She pleas for you to turn for her
as she chases each moment elusive.
Years rush like seconds,
seasons shrink to days,

what once sprightly pranced upon tender leaves
now slow to a staggering gait.

Standing alone under winter sun
where golden days fade to rust,
she reminisces of ages past
and of lives come and gone.
Through aches of tears nostalgic
she sees you turn for her.
You take her hand, “It’s alright” you say,
“for a new season now has come.”

Then you…

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"Just, Why A Rabbit?"

(March 14, 2020)

tied one shoe’s laces

saw no rabbit or no hole

heard no mnemonic*

*(Never recalled – nor do I now – any shoe-tying mnemonic. Just watched others who had the skill do strange stuff over their feetsies and replicated. I feel somehow cheated I can not sing-song – at least in a clean and sanitized fashion – a ditty to my shoes. But, then, I most always find mnemonic much more difficult that just learning what the “cheat” was supposed to provide – EXCEPT for one mnemonic I render forthwith: O.B.A.F.G.K.M! Those little in-training astrophysicists sure know how to obscure their shyness. Stolen from some as tronomer, I am sure. It’s worked fine for me from when I learned the little work-around in college right up to the present. So I withdraw my carp or at least do so modify.)


(March 10, 2020)


web compound word: disbelief:

send for snail-mail cure!

*(My response to the radio advertising…about which long ago I have forgotten, and about time too! – but it left me with this compound word “Cyber-Ghasted” as a computer-generated flabbergasted!. I know, I know: trite and probably not original. So? Sounds like next batch-of-kids lit to me.)

"Loquats A Little Thin This Year"

(March 12, 2020)

loquats go to gold

chinjuice drips sweetly

defend ‘gainst tree-rats

*(The new tree is in fine – but thinnish – fettle with too few bursting-with-juicy sweet/tartness Japanese Plums. The came on in surprise, overshadowed as it were by the bursting full canopy blooms of star-white Chickasaw plums which will, one hopes/trusts will supply fresh fruits for the Summer month…both will need active gleaning measures to secure my share. Fortunately – in the case of loquats – other seedlings just coming on-line with production find purchase along the back fenceline and I do know where in Sanford lurk more loquats across the civil boundaries on public-access easements. We even have a few Florida green-skin avocado and mulberry trees hanging over easment lines and sometimes the owners of interior trees will offer a bag if you pick them one or two as well. My chin twitches in anticipation of the treetreats.)