“The Poor, Poor Poor”

(July 11, 2019)

poor see another

poor and ask: “have you eaten?”*

poor, lastly, see skin

*(The poor pare problems often to a useful dimension: and on this vast bus in which we all sit that is an important point. This I learned from another poor person: The Chinese commonly greet each other with the phrase (translated to English) “Have you eaten yet.” One of the planet’s oldest civilizations and even those with more moderately successful levels of comfort recall the notion that a full rice bowl is paramount to civil society. My own observations among the poor and sometimes the homeless is that by-and-large there is much more interest in food and shelter than skin color and ethnicity. When everyone is “in the back of the bus,” it’s rather a waste of talent, time, or energy discussing which seating arrangement is paramount.)

“Walk-Learning Hypotenuses” Tanka 2396

(July 11, 2019)


best way to walk open fields

to get somewhere quick

perimiter-walk ‘nother;

transects* teach more the terrain!

*(Transects 5- or 10-meters apart from baseline to baseline, either horizontal or vertical to the property using a careful approach, swinging both head and eyes in a measured swathe generally will yield floral and fauna information which can be marked both by marker flags and on a GPS- (optional: or a photo- to topographical “map” representation) Capable display. This especially is useful for later return to “tagged” sites by governmental agency review procedures and to confirm accuracy of the survey. Surveyor(s) should wear appropriate clothing and footwear (in Central Florida in flatwoods and similar terrain, I recommend double-weight denim jeans with the leg-ends tucked into high-topped snake-boots. A longsleevee tee shirt or a UV-protection impregnated “outdoor” type shirt. A big full-brimmed “floppy” bush hat is suggested. A large “sweat-towel” is recommended to help protect the neck. By all means use high-numbered UV-A and -B sunscreen. Polarized UV-protection sunglasses, whether prescription or plain is useful. A good quality insect lotion or spray containing DEET is highly recommended. Carry enough for repeated applications. A second cotton towel, hand-sized is essential to complement the sweat-towel. Heavy-duty leather gloves are recommended. I carry a 6-foot+ Cypress sapling more than 20-years-old and devoid of bark or twig-ends, the wide butt tapering to the top which easily will accommodate a roll of highly visible colored engineer’s tape for additional marking of sites of interest, especially when nearby vegetation or trees are nearby and will serve as reference points to the marker flags. I recommend 3- to 4-foot long bamboo sticks with engineer tape attached. On the tape using a permanent marker add useful identification information, e.g. Survey type, name of surveyor and kind of survey (all of with can be abbreviated), locator number in sequence, date. I carry a small hand-spade, several pocket knives and a Leatherman-style multi-tool and a large single-blade sheath knife. A cell phone with the GPS locator on is highly recommended. But most importantly is a good-sized camel-back style water carrying device. A small first aid kit (especially when working alone or far from assistance) to include ankle and knee flexible braces, several rolls of gauze bandages, antiseptic ointment, iodine, a small snakebite kit and a blood-loss prevention device, all of which should be able to be packed in a secure plastic storage container no more than 4-3-2 inches in length, width and height and can fit attached to a small water pack worn as a knapsack. A long-storage ice-cooler with additional water, snacks and high-carb high-protein mid-day meal if working alone, placed midway in the project perimeter is a wise investment. Also a great place to store that after-work adult beverage with foam on top. Wait until you are safely returned for a second.)


I take my gunpowder far, far away and from indoors, thank you. Amateur Explosion Night holds little appeal for me. Perhaps a long telephoto lense shot of a by-then noise-innured three or four-year old agogging at the wonderment of colored spaces and silvery trails might entice, but for the nonce, no.

Cat Nap Revue

summer evening sky
blazing with fire flowers
wars past, wars present

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“Skeeter” (i and II) never left a scratch if you did not move the “stuck” body part. And if it takes a claw to get served breakfast, I’m with The Cat! For Shame, you simonlegree! Beat feets first to the cat-buffet before even you pause to water. What a lovely little sentiment: and so polite, too!

Cat Nap Revue

what’s a bloody scratch
between friends
cat asks for breakfast

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And, yes, we do have Florida Black Bear (but at 300 pounds of so the biggest. However, they’ve muchly gone trash-can and open-garage or -car diving vice berry picking, since even our severe winters give but brief naps and berry-ing time well past the Spring “Thaw.” What we watch wen we see ripe berries – blue or rabbit-eye blue and blackberries is rattlers twined amongst the lusciousness, awaiting the impudent bird. My non-smoker nose is most useful detecting the odor of reptile, even when perched just above the Florida HighBush blueberry – such a succulence! – waiting a short fall to take an impudent mocking bird or bluejay. But if you walk slowly and make lots of noise the snakes – and even a few rooting feral hots will fly and let you eat your way full in order to gather enough for an honest cobbler with a few pints for waffles or pancakes and suchlike. I like the idea of paintballing the bushes to draw the snakes to capture…but long ago I realized selling rattlers to venom-milkers to produce anti-venin (and, yes, the spelling IS different and annoying when media makes its usual mistakes) to let the critters continue off-season work as rat and mice control devices. I have yet to encounter a poisonous snake in the wild while working – but still I wear long, double-thick jeans and snakeboots, with gloves and a 6-foot plus former cypress sapling walking stick-tree. A nice bit of memory as our berry season done for the eyar. Now we have true wetseason to enjoy in which seeing snakes swimming away is fine, but the ones swimming toward you mostly are dangerous cotton-mouth Water Moccasins.

Cat Nap Revue

berries on the bush
means beware of bears
the old paintball gun

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(July 11, 2019)

may drape old ‘minish’

with both ‘ixes’ – pre- and suff- –

and wear word as new*

*(Archaic “minish” from Old – or is that Middle?, I ‘five’get – English is dressed with modern party-goers’ pantaloons, often saying much the same as the old saw sans suffix (or, yes, even prefix) as granpaw might devise. But add the prefix and you just know a new suffix like ‘ment’ would sweeten the pie with sparkled appeal. Thanks evermuchso Oxford American English Dictionary – OAED!)

“Second Handkerchief”

(July 11, 2019)

these the ‘snotty] days

which belong mostly august

but july invites*

*(Loratadine ‘ups’ my daily pillcount to three: the antihistamine to stop the athletic nose, aspirin to ease a familiar set of aches long-familiar and almost part of the family, and a multi-vitamin which one trusted doctor long ago told me mostly will show up in stool intact…so eat veg and fruits more than starch and meats and continue to send vitamin-makers’ kids to kollege on my dime is just fine with him.)

“Now, Where Is My Old Kite*?”

(July 11, 2019)

tease i thor’s workplace

again today or tempt not

ben franklin’s old pet

*(Strolling Through Thunderstorms – Proof of Primate Hubris! I wonder: Is a golf umbrella suitable to substitute fro a kite. I have the keys in a pocket and what I recalled of a lightning-struck fellow University of South Florida (Tampa-area) student the burns also included zipper-impression burns. In those days I still had button-fly (plastic buttons, not metal) Marine Corps dungaree trousers I cut off into shorts). I still enjoy a nice, peaceful walk amonghst the lightning strikes in a pounding rain. Restful.)