“Consider The Pickle*”

(September 12, 2019)

when I consider

pickles – by that I mean dill –

beef stew(s) fit right in!

*(Continuation of Title: “And How Best To Get Outside of One”, I must saw wedges – or even involuntarily drafted hamburger rings – with your basic traditional beef stew: yummm! Baton cuts of same stirred into all manner of goulashes – some even include the lagniappe in the receipt without resort to that canard “(optional)” and I never would shun a mere Kosher wedge or whole in any kind of presentation, though a religious expiation might be required if we are talking tunafish salad sandwiches though possibly standard for all meats hiding between bread calling themselves Corned Beef. Rubens in particular like to date a nice Jewish Pickle.) – Thanks to “Smexy” romance novelist Shehanne Moore for prompting – without her awareness of same – me to reread the asterixized (is that a word: not? Goody!) portion to find out I had failed to include “Get” into the title continuation “And How Best To Get Outside of One.” Rather like directions for what to do with a just-built martini. I mean, we don’t just build the damn things for the architecture of the exercise, now, do we?)

“The Lower Wekiva’s Good*”

(September 10, 2019)

were I to go ‘Gone’

tell Beasties ‘Bon Appetite’

Lay me down right there!

*(‘Spect I will have to wait for a wordwide calamity – or even an Alas Babylon scenario to get my wish to ‘give back’ to the bears and otters and other such beasties along the banks of the lower Wekiva River, near the confluence of The Saint Johns River. Powers That :ike To Be will not give a burial permit. Hey, bureaucrat: it ain’t a burial! It’s a Feast! I guess I used too many one-syllable words. Again.)

“Before I Close My Ears*”

(September 10, 2019)

I Before I close my ears

I heard ‘Saint’] Come Marchin’ In

Drew Does It Again!

*(Had an early morning so I listed to New Orleans-Pittsburgh NFL on radio…and even came awake to find the second game into the fourth quarter…another goodie. But the Saints’ win particularly nice. Must send this to a pal.)

“What-A-Burger Fries Mouse”

(September 10, 2019)

what-a-burger fries

mouse* then apologizes

there’s not enough salt

*(Former favorite Sanford, Florida burger place – now mostly if not all in Texas – has a mouse run across one of its store’s prep(aration) tables, slips and falls off into the hot french fried potatoes oil. Burger A-Frame closes down and does a full re-clean after its apology…and perhaps to teach cooks how best to season a properly fried mouse. The big-size What-A-Burger sammy exceeded even The Krystal big burger in my happy hungry eyes, though it had to settle for a tie with Burger Queen’s Black Kow! When I found out A&W amended its meat with pre-steamed oatmeal, my first rootbeer place burger became my last rootbeer place dining delight: ‘sides Pin-N-Whistle’s chow better and though I was too young when the Sanford stand closed, it served beer. The Steak-n-Shake in Sarasota and in Gainesville both served draft beers with their chow. Wonder how that got past the bluenoses?)