"Just, Why A Rabbit?"

(March 14, 2020)

tied one shoe’s laces

saw no rabbit or no hole

heard no mnemonic*

*(Never recalled – nor do I now – any shoe-tying mnemonic. Just watched others who had the skill do strange stuff over their feetsies and replicated. I feel somehow cheated I can not sing-song – at least in a clean and sanitized fashion – a ditty to my shoes. But, then, I most always find mnemonic much more difficult that just learning what the “cheat” was supposed to provide – EXCEPT for one mnemonic I render forthwith: O.B.A.F.G.K.M! Those little in-training astrophysicists sure know how to obscure their shyness. Stolen from some as tronomer, I am sure. It’s worked fine for me from when I learned the little work-around in college right up to the present. So I withdraw my carp or at least do so modify.)