"Loquats A Little Thin This Year"

(March 12, 2020)

loquats go to gold

chinjuice drips sweetly

defend ‘gainst tree-rats

*(The new tree is in fine – but thinnish – fettle with too few bursting-with-juicy sweet/tartness Japanese Plums. The came on in surprise, overshadowed as it were by the bursting full canopy blooms of star-white Chickasaw plums which will, one hopes/trusts will supply fresh fruits for the Summer month…both will need active gleaning measures to secure my share. Fortunately – in the case of loquats – other seedlings just coming on-line with production find purchase along the back fenceline and I do know where in Sanford lurk more loquats across the civil boundaries on public-access easements. We even have a few Florida green-skin avocado and mulberry trees hanging over easment lines and sometimes the owners of interior trees will offer a bag if you pick them one or two as well. My chin twitches in anticipation of the treetreats.)

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