(March 10, 2020)


web compound word: disbelief:

send for snail-mail cure!

*(My response to the radio advertising…about which long ago I have forgotten, and about time too! – but it left me with this compound word “Cyber-Ghasted” as a computer-generated flabbergasted!. I know, I know: trite and probably not original. So? Sounds like next batch-of-kids lit to me.)

"Loquats A Little Thin This Year"

(March 12, 2020)

loquats go to gold

chinjuice drips sweetly

defend ‘gainst tree-rats

*(The new tree is in fine – but thinnish – fettle with too few bursting-with-juicy sweet/tartness Japanese Plums. The came on in surprise, overshadowed as it were by the bursting full canopy blooms of star-white Chickasaw plums which will, one hopes/trusts will supply fresh fruits for the Summer month…both will need active gleaning measures to secure my share. Fortunately – in the case of loquats – other seedlings just coming on-line with production find purchase along the back fenceline and I do know where in Sanford lurk more loquats across the civil boundaries on public-access easements. We even have a few Florida green-skin avocado and mulberry trees hanging over easment lines and sometimes the owners of interior trees will offer a bag if you pick them one or two as well. My chin twitches in anticipation of the treetreats.)

"'Corona, Corona'"

(March 12, 2020)

wonder how Jared

Diamond’s “Germs, Steel, Guns”*

fares with ‘The Beer Flu’?

*(Well may have gotten his book’s title mal-adjusted. His “Collapse” sits still on the first or second stack – depending how one reaches – off the ‘To Read’ in my second or possibly third personal library annex. Oh? You don’t know anyone who reads by long habit more than one-book-at-a-time? Pity. If yes, buy that worthy either a wine or a beer and some macdamias and, of course, another two or three books.)

"Triptych On Walkwear" – A Series of 3 Haiku

(<arch 13, 2020)

“My ‘PI’ Issue Boots”

those old, worn troopers

slump to attention

worn down – but not out

“”Stand Here”

yellow footprints patch

assumes ‘the position’ on deck

tells us where and how

“That Forty-Five Degree Angle”

seen and used but once

at recruit training, but

now revered icon*

*(Had plans for a series: Boots I have Known” but as with many things in my life I get tugged and torn along currents not always it seems mine own. Hah! I see already the long and exhausting “treats” on the titular subject coming to a socks bin near you. Bring you own favorite spray and/or deodorizer – as much for the well-sweated leather as the reminiscences. At my introduction to the arcanea of Parris Island, South Carolina’s 1st Recruit Training Regiment, United States Marine Corps on a gentle just-past-midnight September 18, 1967 – it could have been 17Sept by my DD-214 is AWOL – I had no time for yellow footprints painted on the asphalt: there was one burly brute screaming unpleasantries standing just past the bus driver’s station and two or possibly more similarly loquacious individuals yelling, screaming, shoving and pushing so I had my own concierge-host to get me where they thought best I should go – doan need no steenkin footsprints!)