"'In Loco Parentis' 'Splained"

(March 11, 2020)

loco parentis:

the emphasis on ‘Loco’ –

reaction: over!*

*(Long have I adored this Latin phrase. As tyrannical as they sometimes seemed I always preferred the parents I personally had trained – much like a good Siamese trains its human(s) – over any mythic or even legal fiction. Yet, when I see kids ‘cutting the fool’ without a nearby elder relative, I often assume such locational guiding chant: “Hey, You Kids: watch the traffic – I don’t want to have to pay for the dents you put into that speeding school bus on my next property tax bill!” Ub the portion sent to Facebook and twitter I copped out: I used “skewer” in my explanation to the mother who wondered why I abused verbally her precious pre-teen for climbing my backyard camphor tree -while he was wearing in-line skates! I showed mom said tree limb hanging over a fence of Confederate Jasmine just coming into bloom: the vine was trellised over several metal posts holding chickenwire fencing, any of which the tyke could have become skewers. I used the term skewer advisedly since I did not take the time to look up my first use of “poignard.” I should have kept the original. I apologize for the washing of whishey. The original tale preceding the poem is on richwrapper’s j kirk richards on Facebook and available on jkirkrichards1 on Twitter. Thanks for your kind attention: NOW GET OFFAMYTREE!)

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