"That Certain Feel-Good Time"

(February 4, 2020)

bigness of being:

I remember when I walked

eight feet high – ‘fore drugs!

*(Some mornings – most often but a few afternoons at Seminole High my junior and senior years – I got the physical impression I was looking out at the world from a much taller perspective than my admittedly 5′ 9″(-) stature. The world did not shrink: I swelled. It was, well, swell. Very infrequently the physical – and perhaps psychic – sensation would come and go well into my middle early years, 20s, 30s and even 40s. Now I contemplate carrying a step ladder, though some might suggest a front-end loader’s three-cubic-yard “bucket” just to get me out of my hole. Sure did like that feeling of nearness to greatness. The later infatuations with drugs never did come close to matching those feelings. And, alcohol, like many other such substances sold as “a high” are just depressants in laughter-drag. No, I will not go all “down-with-drugs” on you, but I will offer up this: WAIT until your own natural high quits coming to visit in those earlier young adult years before making a commitment to Let Better Living Through Chemistry have its chance.)

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