(February 4, 2020)


not a city in Ukraine

“Black Ledger”* bogus

*(If you’re curious: go look up John Sullivan at JSullivanReports on twitter, among other investigative reporting sites on the web. He and Sara Carter among other actual investigative reporters long-before Congress got twitchy between the shoulderblades was reporting on evilment and wrong-doings by allegedly immune-to-partisanship state-sponsored investigative agencies. The fabricated and falsified “Dossier” used to find cause for FISA-court spying on President Trump’s team – Foreign Intelligence Service Agencies secret courts in the U.S. – did more than just look into prostitutes peeing on mattresses in Moscow hotels. Besides, which, some of my correspondents maintain a body must be under the flow to make a “Golden Shower,” but I am sure none in our vaunted intelligence agencies would know that…)

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