"This Begins Our Squall Season!"

(February 4, 2020)

chock-full week ahead

doesn’t count ‘t-do* gust-front

or college cage game!

*(A Thursday night or early Friday Morning possible Squall Line-led strong cold front to come calling through a six-county area of Central Florida, though latest weather radio warnings are trying to butter both sides of the bread already headed linoleum-ward, which will spoil a wonderful week of Sprung Clean-uping and sitting by the potted veg and ghost peppers and their cousins, turning the Kales and Parsleys to render full homage to the sun whilst promising myself due course with collecting the stacks just read to make room for new stacks and make room for the bicycle and its wall-hanger (shouldn’t that be a Harvey Wall-Hanger…reminds, must hunt down the yellow stuff to splash over the OJ-infused hootch: it’s hiding in a back bedroom I fear). Must make a note to name bike Harvey, no? Gives me new muscle-aches, which belies the belief that just walking does The Core good…what is good when the outer leaves are left to wither? Whether thigh goest…neh?)

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