"Trees" Tanka 2696

(January 6, 2020)

these green towers train

their slow* thoughts toward the sun

one day to claim all

curbed by streets and rending saws

they will crack sidewalks and streets

*(“their ‘sure’* thoughts toward the sun” an alternative line)

*(Okay, streets and roads are not just convenient: necessary, even. But don’t you just yearn for a time and place where a dusty footpath between towering green-glowing-leafed trees – sometimes many-hued and with a chill breeze to stir all – under which you may walk barefooted and paying but small heed to the gentle undulations of top-residing long roots to give the path more flavor? Makes visitin’ with an empty teacup for a mite of sugar or flour or whatever both an adventure and cause to front-porch rest-a-bit and share the news as the breeze flaps some stretched sheets and shirts. I still mind the time when bare feet feared only a few as-yet unpulled sandspur patches and neighbors not only had front porches but used them to watch their kids and cats and dogs and birds and such…and not a commercial to interrupt.)

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