"Oh, Moan Me 'Bout Old Thrones – Same Songs"*

(January 2, 2019)

Peacock Throne glowers,

The Medes keep on ‘taking it:’

Bear and Dragon grin”*

“(President Thomas Jefferson DID NOT keep a copy of The Koran amongst his personal papers to study the religious tenants but to understand this new threat to America and where next that sword would cut. A recent congress critter swore his oath of office on that book. So what? One day – probably before I die, even – I expect a Wiccan will want to so swear True Faith and Allegiance on Their Book. I do not care. All I want is those who so swear (or affirm!) they will leave their personal and religious (or their lack) beliefs at home when they acknowledge their local, state, congressional and, yes, presidential (and concomitant), vice presidential and appointed officers their vow to uphold our nation’s constitution. And were such actually to happen, THEN would I be surprised!)

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