"Which Ever Comes First"

(December 29, 2019)


i wait coming ice ages

or the next freeze*

*(Fifty bucks in seeds and baby plantin’s – and a’course vermiculite and pearlite so as to early-Spring-It with containerized herbs, green onions, parsley, German and Lemon thyme(s) and much else besides…New Mexican hatch peppers long ways from transplanting, but I’ve flowers and in one case some preemies on Scorpion and Ghost and Tabasco pepper plants and of course since I do get a mite late, yellow and red pear, cherry – of both hues – and grape, sangovese’s roma and big-shouldered righteous ‘Mericun slicer tomatoes, with yellow and red bell peppers just ready to sprout, not to mention the ichi ban eggplants and other such delights. And then the weather radio spouts about 40-degree – Fahrenheit! – Saturday and possible severe thunderboomers before and behind…donchajust adore Winter’s first frolic…now comes my thrice-weekly weightlifting game of hauling tender containers of precious comistibles to shelter and such during the sometimes thrice-weekly cold fronts. I may even war socks! Gotta remember to spade the sweet potato patch to rescue any volunteers: the leaves almos all have turned demised so no more salad amendments or steamed veg left there: might as well notice any laignappe hiding in the dirt…’sides, I got okra adn others to put in come later…after spreading green manure and turning it all under. Doncha just glad-breath? Might make waffles to go with my Grade B maple and thick bacon! Ooops, near-forgot: heirloom big red radishes – who’da thunk such a thing…gonna have to let some go to seed. And forget not to make lotsa cuttings from the thirty-year-old rosemary and divide the oregano – again – and consider making pizza – just to keep the oven happy. Cukes and mesclun and courgettes and (zucchini) and other early-spring starters clamor at the back-o’-my-mind. ‘Bout time we had some fun starting ’round here. Oh, yeah, Florida overcame some incipient early selfishness signs and whomped Virginia in The Orange Bowl to end football season ’round these parts until tonight’s Florida State game that is. Glad I made a beer run last week. Oh: I will tune in to the other college games and maybe even a few pro playoffs now that no one goes about kneeling during my anthem…but with UCF, UF, FSU and them done or soonly so, I can await the roundball stuff once again. After I finish the garden’s yelling “do me now!” chores.)

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