"A New Word! 'Soapera*"

(December 29, 2019)

This silly Tea Dance

at least shames The Soapera

Crowd to try more ‘tacks!’

*(“Soapera” is a combination of Soap and Opera…used mostly ’cause it fit the bill for a seven-syllable word in the middle line. I am sure the concept of shaming news soap opera crowds to try for more tactful approaches to dissemination of “their” version of News is just so much eyewash down-the-drain, but ever the optimist I – an optimist is a realist who knows no matter how hard he tries to convince himself the soup sandwich on offer today contains no fecal matter – it always comes with its own roll of Charmin = continue to self-amaze if not ‘self-delude’ over the propensity for media in today’s mass market more to resemble shit sandwiches than those made of mere soup.)

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