"Perfectly Clear…Not!"

(December 26, 2019)

perfectly clear not*

hppening ’round here

just look up and see

*(This form of alleged haiku – 5-5-5 – we believe that is by Juice and I came into form from the nimble mind and shaky hand of one Bruce Clay Jewett – or was that nimble hand? – and was an intentional violation of the “second line should (must?) be seven sylables” dictate. The man rarely poses in his alter-garb of rousing rabble on a revolutionary dared horse but, trust me, he’s there and feverishly fervently working to have his baby christened the newest version of Japanese-inspired short-poem power-wonders. After all, “Juice” in-type-tones his (one of) heros Basho eschews cant in favor of can. I so commend the concept to us all. – The Phat Phrog’s buddy!)

"This Gray Blanket"

(December 25, 2019)

gray blanket drips down

dampening most sight and sound

just the beer-truck* goes

*(An overcast and drippy evening and early morning remains mightily trying to cast gloom…but then, behold! A fire-engine red diesel tractor-trailer comes past in its familiar white accents, pulling a U-turn at the confluence of Commercial Street and Palmetto Avenue just before my usual waiting-to-open perch at the Sanford branch of the Seminole County (Fla.) library. Still, I would have like to have seen Clydesdales and the old-timey wagon with the grease bucket a-sway just above the rear axle and the ever-over-present Dalmation.)