"Cure For The Common Lie"

(December 11, 2019)

“Distrust The Big Words!” – Alternate Title

distrust the big words:

go look them up in that book*

stay – read some others!

*(You know which book – pick any one of your grandparents’ old unabridged dictionaries – if you were fortunate enough to have immigrant grandparents handy because in the waning days of the 19th and early minutes of the 20th Centuries you can bet those new Americans had a dictionary of what the words meant in their brand new language. And you are blessed if some of those grandparents’ kids read some of the other words, too. And you know what you should do right now: get that big-assed honkin’ book out and read a page a day with your own kids – or grandkids! The easiest way to disprove a lie: know what the words mean!)

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