"Will Add To 'The Workout' List"*

(December 6, 2019)

found out twelve-speed bike

works big leg-muscles harder

than the same way-walk!

*(Oh, my aches after a mere mile-+ ride to the library…but it took just 10 minutes – what with stopping to cross four-lane streets by walking, and obeying all those pesky stop signs and using hand signals I still remember from elementary school safety classes…which I am sure puzzle the motorized with whom I share the small roads…but one or two – one a young mother with a bike rack on back of her SUV – smiled and waved and mouthed “thanks.” This afternoon a good workover with WD-40 and overall tightening and loosenings…walk downtown tomorrow so as not the shock the natives too very much…besides, it’s a market day and mayhap I’ll find a tumeric rhizome to adopt.”

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