"How Does My Garden G(l)(r)ow!*"

(December 6, 2019)

I got heirloom kale,

red ghost peppers, parsley, more

to baby through clime*

*(The Heirloom Kale not-so-much: the collars already are asking it to come outside to play.Other, more cold-sensitive, in their containers are grouped already for ease-of-covering and I soon shall trek to Sav-A-Lot and buy bulk brown paper grocery sacks like we used to tote home to mom decades ago…two bags will take a containered veg to 25 degrees Fahrenheit and a top-layer of newspaper and one or two courses below of more newspaper sections will insulate a hard freeze…not to mention the useful bedspreads, sheets, quilts, blankets and the occasional impressed fuzzy bathroom throws. I will use the season to repot gingers and galangals and lemon grasses – remind: save some LG for Anita down the street a ways – and repot hatch new mexican pepper seedlings, moe collards, yellow and red pear tomatoes and grape tomatoes which “throw” true despite what their Red Chinese masters claim, some romas and big shouldered beefsteaks, and of course time to seed for cukes, lettuces, and early Spring crops…but FIRST: time to dig up the volunteer sweet potatoes, rework green manure into that plot and get it ready for an early spring planting of sweet, red and white onions, not to mention a few rows of bunching green onions. Time to begin the process of making rosemary cuttings and breaking down and buying sage, thyme (both German and Lemon) and cilantro. I have plenty of seeds from leftovers or fallen-unders. Oh, yes, see about some tumeric rhizomes. Who said Winter is a slow time for farmers. I’m exhausted just considering what’s on tap…and speaking of such (tap, that is, must be time to exercise an underused elbow, neh?)

*(Did not notice in the title I had left a major – or possibly a lieutenant colonel – conundrum exist. The supposed play was: (How Does Your Garden Glow/How Does Your Garden Grow) a play on words hidden inside a pair of parentheses and I had applied but one and further confused the issue by misclarification…whatever that means. Sin Loi, my friends. I make no promise to reform. Just go about picking up self-hurled brickbats and washing away the chagrin with a groan-ing giggle.)

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