"Found Out What's Missing (When Began 'Old Boys Muster' Group) – Tanka 2662

(December 6, 2019)

‘Nam Memorial

missing ‘The Zoomies’ to do

justice – too much land…

F-Fours, One-Oh-Fours: of course

Cobras and ‘The BUFFs’ and more!*

“(Not enough available space for a real complete memorial…someone or somemillion buy a patch of mid-country dirt and add all the other aviation assets of iconic – to me and some few others no doubt – such as Intruders, Sky Raiders, Chinooks (though the term S*&tHooks obtains, SeaKnights and ‘Stallions and JollyGreens and of course LOACH’S and Broncos…but what abut the Squids? ‘Specially the brownwater boys and their snake eater friends? See what I mean: D.C. just too small(minded, ahem) and we got a war to celebrate, my chums…and the toys the next batch of ‘Merican Heroes have had for their box…and now we got The Gulls to see about. If they cut the mustard – and my surprise to me is I suspect an American Girl will do just fine at war given the time to train up her frame for full on gruntishness and not at the expense of curricula…remember when Women Marines got to do their pushups from the knees and not their toes? Them Days Is Done. And, lest you not know the K(nown)D(istance) top rifle range score belongs to the Distaff Set! Wonder if their raffles was as crappy as ours back in 19 and 67? But back to the screed. Swift Boats, Gun Boats…and Red China hacking about the shallow rich sea – tungsten, molybedneum (hellwithit: spelll it yourself!) oil, uraneum and oh so much more from Sulu Sea off Phils to IndoFreakin’Neasia we ain’t gots a BrownWaterNavy worth a fig to fight off the Chines, or at least compel a quiet to their inquisitiveness…and thass why I propose more regional military garden-parks scatttered throughout the land…each with some scaled-down – or not! – Confidence Course obstacles for pre- and teen schoolkids to see and test themselves. Not a damn thing wrong with acknowledging – and, yes, improving – the skills and appreciation for warriors which has kept this country near or at the top ‘o the heap. Here’s to the view from Heap’s Top.,. and to get, and stay, there it takes a village – at last a Hillary worth repeating!)

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