"And I Am A (Sometime*) Cowboys Fan!"

(December 5, 2019)

hearing dallas break

its teeth ‘gainst ‘midway maullers’

world regains order!

*(Sometimes seemingly inept Dallas Cowboys ran up to a much-maligned Chicago Bears Thursday night…and, truth be told both teams- – and their whole division mired in mediocrity – are not much about which to gaze when it comes to “The Standings.” With the loss, America’s Team – Hah! – still leads the pack. Yeah, ’cause ol’e Roger The Dodger erased years of crud off my Bal’more Colts and they they had the nerve to leave for FillthyNapolis and tried to foist a broke-wing blackbird on me…but, hey, whatcanisay? I also love them green people Celtics and Them Insufferable Yankees…my sports teams at that level are based on many factors: even wore my Celtics championships shirt to The Bronx Bombers’ old stadium and my NYY letterman’s coat to The Garden…both places no longer even allows the ghosts of Bob and Red and Reggie and Casey…go figger: still my teams!)

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