"Invite Jesus & Fidel"

(December 3, 2019)

a carpenter and

a dentist on either hand*

at sup: what a treat!

*(Oddly as it seems in retrospect: this haiku the genesis of “hew me and hew you.” Besides, the failed beisbol pitcher – among other failures – pro’lly would want to smoke his seegar at table.)

2 thoughts on “"Invite Jesus & Fidel"

    • Well, if I had ‘d’druthers, I’d not invite the murdrous mad dentist Che to the meal. But I would serve carnitas and unleavened fold-up bread with goat cheese crumbles, bitter herbs and lettuces and that new-fangled offshoot of nightshade, the ta’mater. Good olive oil and a crisp cold beer. No tape or film.

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