“She’s (Such A) Lady”

(November 3, 2019)

she’s (such a) lady

there is no missed step

makes you want to scream*

*(Found on the last page of current notebook; printed upside-down; without any introductory or explanatory notes. No known inspiration other than unknown bats – or rats – on a belfry-crawl. But I will admit a time or twelve-teen encountering such a delight. The fault was mine I had no cloak to spread.)

8 thoughts on ““She’s (Such A) Lady”

    • I entered a note on the WP site: I found this on the back page of the current notebook; printed upside-down and nearly illegible; no note of either explanation or source. I will admit to having been in the presence – and possibly as an intrusion – of such a lady. Possibly the poem was engendered by my lack of a cloak which I might spread on an offending mud-me-hole. Of course I gussied this up a bit. I would welcome, Lady Yassy, your presence and co-howl. I am certain somewheren somehowen, somewhyen, somewhenen there have been – or possibly yet remains – a male of the species adept at evoking a similar response. I take pride my evocationary abilities run the gamut from thrown rocks (or livingroom, bathroom, kitchen, younameit) to large and painful sticks wielded with verve, but mostly mouth-sounds and wild gesticulations.

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