“Dred Goin’ To Bed?”

(November 25, 2019)

dred goin’ to bed?*

stay up, drink and sleep the couch

or where last you fell!

*(I must confess there was some book-readin’ done ‘tween sips and quaffs, and, yes, I must further blurt I succumed to some closed eye hours before I had intended. But still I managed wo wake on time to go out and do those deeds I had promised that mirror – right down the hall! – which I promptly ignored and turned another shoulder from a rising sun’s gray promise. ‘Sides, that’s why the Library is closed tomorrie and I again can manage to avoid encountering The World…except I’m outta butter for the popcorn and need more popcorn – it’s a whole grain snack! and someone’s gotta keep those cows employed! – and a couple sixpacks of important staples,too!)

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