“How Do You Say That…?”

(November 21, 2019)

How do you say that

in Sanford* is the question:

Jargon spoken here!

*(Sanford, Florida, USA, is my hometown – not my natal place-of-birth which is a Naval Hospital hard by a Naval college and a College of Navel-Gazers: Jargon is spoken in both places. In Washington, District of Columbia, that is about all which is spoke, written or read(-din’?) therein. In Sanford it is different. “Bokey” some say is a Gullah word for Sanford; Pokey is where altogether too many Bokeys went after running afoul and perhaps taking one or three-too-may fowls from Sanford backyards and were welcome to see their eventual Pokey-men come save them from their neighbors. Snaffurd speaks many languages: Some even taught elsewhere. We no longer teach Latin but I have heard a little about a small insurrection in that regards. Latin is not jargon. Internet is jargon – the Web, especially spouts jargon. Churches and Bars jargonize continually. Musically speaking we got jargon aplenty and on most nights, too! Gone, however, are the days of Adam & Eve On A Raft in our restaurants and heaven forfend if ever again I encounter Steak Diane on offer for my sup. At Sullivan’s Public House I can mix my jargons wonderfully. That is a place in begging need of franchisement. We have a booming place in which spirited drinks and special beers are dispensed to be taken by patrons of an upscale and eclectic furniture store called The Imperial. They’ve got one in nearby younger town Orlando, just off our first railroad tracks as it were, but they ain’t got the booze by gawd! My, yes, we got jargon. By the bushel, the peck or the pound. Now don’t you fret: Tuesday A Week I’ll be back with a satchel of that there jargon in mason jars if I’ve suspicioned the intent of my own personal moonshiners kerreckly!)

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