“‘Gainst The Old Wind*” Tanka 2636

(November 22, 2019)

Come, join us in Crux:

Write if you will – Read, you Must;

Teach just by doing!

That is the matter at most:

Crutch of doers and teachers!

*(Often enough to be annoying still, I comment on a subject when I transfer it to Facebook: it’s happened again. Often have I found myself at odds with a subject with which I have had altogether too many scrapes. The Old Saw: Those who Can, Do; Those who Can’t Teach. In that FB intro I worded it less wordily. But the best of my so many fine – and so thankfully very few horrible – teachers did, and do, both. Right now, I am embroiled in a slight teaching project with a doer friend I found in my mirror long ago and have consented to teach the right horrid brat a thing about doing. Soon as I get my teachin’ certificate, that is!)

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