“Beautiful Midnight Babe”

(November 3, 2019)

beautiful midnight

lady with diamond-chip lip

walks my way – and smiles*

*(We were playing a game of “my way this way your way that?” at the Winn Dixie grocery store doorfront sidewalk and she ‘pologized. “Nawww, Beautiful Lady,” I interrupted. “Any so as you walks any which way she wants! But I do have one request: ‘stead of you going down that hallway to the laundromat, walk the same way out in the sun so I can bask in your reflected glory a little while longer. That way I will get to see more of you longer.”
She laughed outright and she did. And so did I.)

“‘Nother Message Across Corpus Callosum”

(November 3, (2019)

‘nother left-brain* burst

draining words like blood on

exalted paper!

*(My brain(s) keep warring with each other: and I never can tell which – Right Brain or Left Brain that’s got the answer(s). Then, over the horizon, so to think, I get squeaks from medulla oblongotta not to remember to forget lizard, simian and primate brains want a say three! They still play Saturday morning matinees for six RC (Royal Crown) cola bottle caps down Th’ Ritz Thee-Ater ennymores? Allus the best cartoons and even the old-timey serials – no sugar, no milk! – were pretty good, too.)

“The Time”

(November 3, 2019)

why put “paid” to life?

this time ’round (en)joy the ride!

you got still ‘the time!’*

*(The guy I let live in my mirror sometimes earns his sinecure. Besides, he keeps his room much neater than I do mine, and I am afeered there is some kind of commission concerning keeping clean-compulsives captive out there commissioning away with me in its crosshairs.)