“‘Tis The Season(s) Everlasting Or So It Seems”

(October 28, 2019)

some cute, some kitsch;

some shot-gunned along walkways

thus starts ‘the seasons’*

*(Recent personal studies show a great diminishment in time between seasons for celebration. Beginning with the present: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and if you must: Kwanzas) New Years, SuperBowl, SpeedWeeks and Bike Week (and if you doubt the spiritual and perhaps religious nature of SuperBowl and ‘Weeks’ You Ain’t Been Here Long, right?), Big League Baseball Tryouts called Spring Training Day(s), followed by Little League startups, high school start ups and of course, Valentines, Easter, The Triple Crown horse racing startup days, Memorial Day, Parents’ Days, (Did someone say I forgot Grandparents Days?) Flag Day, Fourth, Football Kickoff Days at various levels while Little League has yet to crown a national and international pair of champions, (Yes, we did forget NCAA Basketball Tournament because it is not a holiday, per se, as it it more akin to Ramadan – a month (or more!) of celebrations and calamities, and we ain’t yet gotten to Labor Day and I’m already tired of typing all this. Is there a week or a week end with out a Day? If you know of one, please, please, PRETTY PLEASE! tell no one not even yourself as soon enough you will see a sign on those few brief blanks on the calendar – some might suggest a mere sweep-second hand without a celebratory clock’s notice – with the signs: New Construction Coming Soon!)

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