“Morning Bends Westward”

(October 30, 2019)

morning bends westward

half-promised pre-‘ween rainstorms

no worries: Baseball!*

*(Scored butter – Drat! Salted: teach me to look closer even if the box says “Sweet Cream Butter” – for the popcorn. Now, the question remains: make my “loaded” refried pinto bean dip with diced green and minced red onions, cubed tomatoes, jalapeno- serrano- and habanero-peppers all seeded and finely minced, with sour cream and cilantro. Of course I could go orthodox and stick with beer, but I got a new chuggable California red and for dessert – say ’round the Seventh Inning Stretch – a chilled Proseco. Will pre-game precede the popcorn with a chicken-, cheese-, and hard egg-topped many-veg salad. I may not drink healthy, but I appease with my gustatory selections. {in that case: add a selection of radishes, onion, pepperoni, celery, carrot and olives-n-bread and butter pickles upon which to celebrate my release from customary custodian duties to mourn properly the end of Big League baseball this near-November day!})

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