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Annie: from Unbolt & The Janitor (Tati&Tony) you cast an intrigue and I found the net comfortable. “About” even better captured. One wonders if you’ve encountered Phoebe Chi(sap?) aka PuppyDoc in your perusal of WP blogs. She does much medical and flings in poetry and else besides. Gotta go and get a weekend’s worth of scatterings flung before I return to find out whether weeds or butterflies need orthopaedery. Again, thanks…this goes to “Commentary, Ortrages, Poetry and Prose blog beneath the “richwrapper” imprimatur which only executive orders to violate said “haiku only” restrictions (okay, Tanka, too) come from the guy who keeps hopping into my mirror.


Welcome to Annie Asks You: Seeking Dialogue to Inform, Enlighten, and/or Amuse You and Me.

My interests are diverse: just about every aspect of what is sometimes called “current events”; health and wellness; the environment; animal behavior and the human/animal bond; and efforts to find common ground among people to lower the temperature of our national angst and strive for a more peaceful country and world.

I began writing decades ago, when The New York Times introduced a New Jersey Weekly section. Delighted by this publication giant’s neighborly interest, I sent off three letters to the editor in quick succession. To my amazement, The Times ran all three as Op-Eds and sent me payment for each.  The result: I started my career with the hugely erroneous assumption that life as a freelance writer was easy and potentially profitable.

Years of hard work, revisions, and rejections followed, but so did many essays…

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