“Such Cute Soccer Shoes!”

(October 12, 2019(

football frauds frolic

on manicured green pastures

it’s the rubber cleats

*(Actually, I used to get ripped when in my sports editor persona I mentioned I really liked watching and photographing – and, yes, even writing about the actual game – soccer. Some people even accused me of not using the game’s real name: football. However, delving into its history, the first mention of soccer came in an English periodical, not a snub from an American. The above is mere whimsy. If only Rugby were played by fifteen instead of seven so as to capture supposed television viewers. The Rugby World Cup from Japan this quadrennial is way-early on your television dial – do TeeVees even come with dials anymore? Last Olympiad Rugby got a Seven-A-Side brief glance. I glared and did not watch. It’s like watching The Kentucky Derby run around a sandbox. Besides, Rugby is not for spectators, it’s for players. The after party is for spectators. But watch out for the Three Man Lift gag!)

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