100 WORD SKITTLE // Purrrfect Evolution

Obviously, you two, the cats’ pajamas got mixed up in the dog-wash: our feline friends found out by watching poochie play second fiddle (or is that banana?) they could take over the human world. Cats anted in on this scam: why should they wait for another ice age to get into the act? Loved your Skittle: btw, whatinhole is a skittle? Kind of like Supreme Court porno? Know it when you see it. Must I now go back and count the words? Awww, how-bout and nice tail-pull and backrub: promise not to jerk that fat fingertip and I will not “fang” it – the toothy touch is just how my Siamese taught me the meaning of love without a head-bump…more meaningful, ya-kno, thatway.

unbolt me

When you compare the cats of today to their predecessors, you realise just how tiny they’ve become. Domestication has taken the sabretooth out of the tiger, so to speak. Well, not quite all of the tooth, but you get my meaning.

On the other hand, cats have become much brainier, more sagacious. They’re so small that they must be quick on the uptake if they hope to continue to live in clover. Well, not quite in clover, but I’m sure you get my meaning.

Anyway, they’re cute when they purr, and only scratch and hiss occasionally. It’s a fair trade-off.

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