“The Pulse Parade”

(October 4, 2019)

The (One) Pulse parade

more about ‘The Money,’ cause

it weren’t Queers – ISIS!*

*(The maniac who murdered a muchly homosexual – and other self-identified non-traditional interests – at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub, it now comes out, had no real intention of attacking that ‘Community,’ it was just the first place he found that did not have an intimidating security set-up. The man was shilling for Islamic Terrorism even as he killed and talked to 911 on the phone. But, militant Gayness grabbed the goods and marched on without a pause for facts and now wants to spend near 50 million dollars of donations to Memorialize and Museum-icate their sexual cause. Take the money and put it into health care for HIV, you glory-hungry guys and gals who envision a place to send our school kids further to enhance your view of multi-isms.)

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