“College Football Friday Nights?”

(October 4, 2019)

pro football Friday

better than the college crowd

hornin-in on preps!*

*(Tonight’s University of Central Florida gridiron visit to Cincinnati saddens me. Even the Orlando Sentinel’s gushing over every top-rated local high school team EXCEPT locally second-rated 5-0 Seminole High School – my alma mater – did not evince much bile. The O-Do Slantinel long had abandoned any useful prep sports coverage so long ago I even remember when they used to print two full interior pages of High School football on Saturdays – and sometimes a page-one story nestled amongst the Gators and ‘Noles and added complete statistics (except, of course tackles and interior line blocking “grades” which I got to publish at my humble Titusville Star-Advocate and before that – minus the blocking “grades” at The Snafu Herald when we published every dang high school in the county with two fulltime and a minor half-dozen correspondents, including The Famous John Cherwa later of the Lost Angeleous Timbs! The encroachment of Pro Fooball on Mondays and Thursdays – and the more recent additions of College ball on Fridays further erodes the land of the Golden Egg – High Schools! Enough, already! Play Saturday – or, gasp! – Sunday. We did in Snaffurd: play Sundays either out behind Memorial Stadium or sometimes in my Senior Year at SHS when we sneaked into the stadium at 13th and Mellonville and played Blacks Against Whites No Pads tackle…and once behind the Black high school, Crooms Academy, when the cops ran us off when the rest of Central Florida was rioting over race(d) relations, whatinhole that means I dunno.)

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