“She Asks Pro Forma”

(September 30, 2019)

she asks – pro forma –

and I reply not likewise

better than I need*

*(Actually the formula goes like this: “How Are You?”/”Much Better Than I Deserve.” Often it evokes blank looks and sometimes commiserations: surely, some have said and I paraphrase, you deserve so much more, to which I ramble: I live with me so I know exactly what I deserve and each morning when I awake alive I say ‘Thank you, Lord, for giving me this day and not what I so richly deserve’. Even more blank looks oft ensue. I was using that formulaic return-of-greeting years before I head Dave Ramsey say similar on his radio talk/advice show some ears back. He does not include “Much” in his return serve. Mostly, I do. Verisimilitude donchaknow?)

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