Commentary on Bruce Jewett’s Tanka 2599

September 28, 2019)

What I scribble oft

comes to you from Bruce’s pen*

a light through darkness

He glides into and around

the world with grace and soft grins

*(Poet, Haikuist, Short Storyist, Photographer, terrible body surfer Bruce C. Jewett taught me – which instruction I promptly failed to follow – whilst thrashing me at chess in the last gasps of 1969 and much of ’68 at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station, Oahu, Hawaii where he published a remarkable literary “magazine” Jo. He – and his talents – survived The Green Machine and thrive still near his Northern California perch alongside MountainView. The following Tanka required of me a near instantaneous response when first I read it in “Juice’s” Twitter offerings. Here is #haiku #tanka 2599

flows around within

heart’s blood of waking buddhas

who are all laughing

having dreamt we’re cups of water

immersed in wonderous oceans

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