“One For Beer, One For Pogey Bait*”

(September 19, 2019)

marching en passant

past each other – one for beer

other for ice cream!

*(Pogey Bait: Marine-Speak for sweets like candy, ice cream and such. A term of Derision – The 5th and 6th Marine Regiment were awarded French braided cords – topped with a stylized “nail” awarded to troops who had run during one fight during The Napoleonic Wars and when The Old Guard proved its mettle again and again refused to let the emperor Napoleon take away the ready-made noose-n-nail, and much later when Marines arrived in WWI earned those prized unit awards, other U.S. Marine Regiments, jealous of not being there at famous World War One battles took to deriding as “Pogey Bait Whistles.”

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