(September 19, 2019)

’twas a good decade

‘fore I ‘got’ BOGO

slow ’bout some things

*(Surely, she said, everyone knows Buy-One, Get-One when I asked a favorite bartender what-in-hole a ‘bogo’ was. Well, notme! Figured it was somekinasecretsociety. And I did not even take the time to say back: Oh, that’s why ‘they’ double the price before they have the big buy one get one sale? Everyone just loves a bargain, right?)

4 thoughts on ““Buy-And-Get”

    • I read the register receipt before I leave the store; I often even re-read the contests statement on familiar packages and always on the new stuff and I have learned how to pronounc-ate some of the big scienc-y words, too. I do not trust either business or government. And I used to write propaganda for The Marines as a way of avoiding being Sergeant-of-The-Guard.

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      • wisdom more generally occurs 14 seconds preceding discorporation: just burnt-finger cautious, Your Yassyship. But it never saved mom my love of cabbage when she sent me to the nearby grocery for lettuce: why, lettuce, she always would ask – you know the difference. Sure do, I’d reply. Just like cabbage better. So, back I went and a couple of times when the price was right I’d pay for the cabbage myself…and put it atop the lettuce in the sack. Now, I ask, you, considering that was my jesting with the lady who not only birthed me but was making my supper? WAs that wise, I ask.

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