“A Little Brrr In Your Life?”

(September 19, 2019)

cold wave is coming*

Saturday be in eighties

must find best sweater

*(Actually Thursday – today – begins a string of 89+ degree (Fahrenheit) daytime highs prescribed for Sanford, Florida. Almost had a fright pre-dawn when I find myself wrapped up in my Marine Corps-era high-tech poncho liner it was so chilly…musta been near 74!)

8 thoughts on ““A Little Brrr In Your Life?”

    • I am buy-polar: I enjoy the cold and endure well – actually, love – The Heat. We have a wind chill factor ’round these parts: to measure the effects of wind on ambient temperature. I sometimes go off-putting certain unbent-noses needing needling by mentioning we had a wind-chill factor of 89 when the thermometer outside was reading 85 out-of-the-shade! You are a constant source of my whimsy and sometimes antagonizing the immune with your hints and helps, my dear Lady Yassy!

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      • Have I not related what the old lady in the corner apartment in my brief sojourn in Philadelphia said to me out her briefly opened window when I ran out in my boxer shorts and tee shirt wearing flip flops in early December to warm up my VolksWagen “And you’re supposed to be from Florida? Child, get some better winter clothes on right now!” Later, I told the charming woman I had lived three years in Newfoundland and even 40 inches of snow on the ground was to me a wonderful place to tunnel and turn that magic white stuff into palaces and forts and sometimes I’d have to run back out to that wonderful land because my mother would discover I cam back inside without my woolen winter hat, scarf or gloves…and why was my coat unzipped? She did not believe…so I had mom call her. And, polar I can accept. Used to be cute then I decided to be stupid. But I remain still the best looking guy ever I have found in my mirror.

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      • Ouch! Consider me genuflecting after proper castigation, Ms SharpEyes! I take my many vacations between breaths and thus do not overwork the carrots.


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