Quaint. Charming. One of your softer blows…but why put pain not posterior? Ohhh…okay. Pain in the neck is softer and more charming. See? Even this old red dog can see your new trick. Nifty. But I would think outrage more in keeping as he siphons off secret dollars to buy so many new petards.

Cat Nap Revue

sky glows orange
sharp, sudden pain in my neck
president’s in town

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“For Those Who Hate Verbal Shortcuts”

(September 18, 2019)

‘Ap’portunity –

a trite, cheap marketing trick:

is ‘application!’*

*(“Ap” is the shortcut for Application. Application is what one does to an object needing more attention. Like, putting it in a drawer with the power off and applying some peace and quiet to your life. You still have a landline, right? When the big wind comes and knocks down the cell tower a landline still will work. And that, my friend, is when your “apply” an answering machine with all external sound – keep the blinking light if you like or must – turned off on that landline telephone. Now, that’s an Application! Old Mister Luddite makes sense from time to chime, neh?)

“What’s For Lunch, Lion?”

(September 19, 2019)

let the lion lay

down with the lamb and then see

could it be called peace*

*(Tempted to type “piece” in the last line, but I wonder: could that be called a bit too much tongue-in-cheek? And this was inspired by a momentary fantasy: Israel and Saudi Arabia go fly together by an Iranian oil pipeline sometime soonerishly and drop off a few love letters…but I acknowledge two things immediately: 1.) Benefits accrued may not yet outweigh shock value; and, 2.) Let sanctions tighten the knot around the persian neck and ready a monstrous jawbone…The cognoscenti well may construe.)