“Why Not Let ‘Opies’ Pay?” Tanka 2503

(September 12, 2019)

why are not ‘opies’*

considered primary ‘faults’

for their addictions

take their – or parents’ -assets

to treat their “fix me” programs!

*(Easier to spell than Opioids…both the class of drugs derived from Opium, et al., and those who so inges,t and then, like people who build houses along hurricane beaches or in the middle of swamps and have enough “pull” with the federals to get their “homes” rebuilt time after time, we are expected to “foot the bill” because it is a societal problem. Buy Cuba when the last Castro takes off for The Spanish Atlantic beaches and put all them “Opies” there to work out on their own “societal” problems. Be cheaper at twice the price…and just think of all those antique cars!)

One thought on ““Why Not Let ‘Opies’ Pay?” Tanka 2503

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    I rather which I hated to use “Opie” in this, but I never did like that smarmy kid with a fishin’ pole coming by to bother his dad at work at the jail where he was The Law. But in t his case, Ope is just easier on my spellin’ finger to get down that Opioid.


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