“Consider The Pickle*”

(September 12, 2019)

when I consider

pickles – by that I mean dill –

beef stew(s) fit right in!

*(Continuation of Title: “And How Best To Get Outside of One”, I must saw wedges – or even involuntarily drafted hamburger rings – with your basic traditional beef stew: yummm! Baton cuts of same stirred into all manner of goulashes – some even include the lagniappe in the receipt without resort to that canard “(optional)” and I never would shun a mere Kosher wedge or whole in any kind of presentation, though a religious expiation might be required if we are talking tunafish salad sandwiches though possibly standard for all meats hiding between bread calling themselves Corned Beef. Rubens in particular like to date a nice Jewish Pickle.) – Thanks to “Smexy” romance novelist Shehanne Moore for prompting – without her awareness of same – me to reread the asterixized (is that a word: not? Goody!) portion to find out I had failed to include “Get” into the title continuation “And How Best To Get Outside of One.” Rather like directions for what to do with a just-built martini. I mean, we don’t just build the damn things for the architecture of the exercise, now, do we?)

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