“What-A-Burger Fries Mouse”

(September 10, 2019)

what-a-burger fries

mouse* then apologizes

there’s not enough salt

*(Former favorite Sanford, Florida burger place – now mostly if not all in Texas – has a mouse run across one of its store’s prep(aration) tables, slips and falls off into the hot french fried potatoes oil. Burger A-Frame closes down and does a full re-clean after its apology…and perhaps to teach cooks how best to season a properly fried mouse. The big-size What-A-Burger sammy exceeded even The Krystal big burger in my happy hungry eyes, though it had to settle for a tie with Burger Queen’s Black Kow! When I found out A&W amended its meat with pre-steamed oatmeal, my first rootbeer place burger became my last rootbeer place dining delight: ‘sides Pin-N-Whistle’s chow better and though I was too young when the Sanford stand closed, it served beer. The Steak-n-Shake in Sarasota and in Gainesville both served draft beers with their chow. Wonder how that got past the bluenoses?)

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