“Dream Big, Kid!”

)September 10, 2019)

cypress tiwg* with dreams


on a downtown street

*(Barely five-feet tall, this Bald Cypress sapling will be a babe no longer swaddling called Jesus in a ‘nother thousand years; a man called Mohamad in seven more ticks o’ that clock, and Freddy Philosopher a bunch more past, and still just a kid. The Senator was an old Bald Cypress out in a park with some sisters just down the road from Sanford. Florida, 3,500 years old. Rotten inside its great big trunk. It was protected by a ring of iron bars. A girl with a serious crack cocaine requirement crawled inside the tree and lit up. Burned the damn tree down. They took the remaining unburnt wood and let artists create with the remains. My vengeful self, though, still annoyed the girl is now out and free. I hope they protect Senator’s sisters better. The Senator, at The Big Tree Park, located just off US 17-92 en route from Sanford to Longwood, early in the 20th Century survived a direct lighting strike and lost much of its towering height: but still thrived. Before the lightning, it had been said one could see the top of the tree from Lake Monroe’s banks in Sanford, almost a dozen miles away. Damn shame. Someone should carve a little tree totem for that crackhead to wear on her neck permanent-like.)

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