“With Fries: I Will Add Ketchup Myself, Thanks”

(September 8, 2019)

yes! it’s true! I want

to sin right now – four Krystals:

add onion, pickle!*

*(When eldest bro Glenn comes by to visit he stops at the 17-92 Casselberry’s Krystals en route to Sanford from OIA – Orlando International. No one told him there’s one on Lake Mary Boulevard just off Interstate 4. and he always brings by the biggest bag of those godawful but glorious little parcels and we go into mini-cardiac arrest maneuvers. Sometimes he stops off at Petty’s in Longwood for a big bag of stone crab claws, too. But as for mine own indulgence when it comes to questionable beef left in a steamtable drawer, I order extra pickles and onions…no ketchup…I rearrange the mustard side of the slab of putative beef to the alleged onion-side and adorn the now naked top with pickles (one just will not do!) and squirt my own ketchup. I feel heart-flutters right now: better make that an order of six…My brother rarely gets left off the leash by his wonderful owner Lin. Storm – the youngest and formerly wildest – is under even closer watch, so The Market burger with fries is no longer a secret option when he wanders about Sanford without his watcher. Thanks, ladies: Lin and Jeanne do not tell your two boys I have added onion rings at The Market for my dessert.)

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