“The Ol’e ‘Splashing Hole’ Movie”

(September 8, 2019)

‘splashing hole’ is filled

cardinal pair now finishes

here come pushy jays*

*(When it’s dry and hot – as it often is right after a hurricane here or nearby, I make repeated visits to the big shallow bird bath by the front entrance where finches, cardinals, robins, jays and mockingbirds make frequent calls…and all complain loudly with peckers hard-toed feet and such all out when old ‘soak’ squirrels try to cut the line. Even the frogs find other cisterns for their family business. The neighborhood cats come by but I have separate drinking establishments for them and the dogs – mostly them – so the miniature dinos easily can be seen. The bluejays of all other small feathers seem to get away with a lot of pushyness, even moreso than the mockingbirds, which are super territorial to the point of divebombing those who come to close to their nesting sites. I’ve seen smaller hawks get really aggressive when people come past their perches above their nests. But the crows never come by to bathe or even drink. Though I do hear them tell each other the guy who carries carrion out to the hedge where he hides it rather than put it in the trash or bury it from us, and still he hides it well from the cruising vultures and buzzards and eagles – all the same, really – and let us harvest the street-sweepings of cars and careless pickups. Birds like crows are among the finest people I know.)

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