“The Higher Ups”

(September 8, 2019)

the higher-up you wear

your backpack on your shoulders

the less lower-back pain!*

*(Every new school year I see kids with all the center of gravity on their massive and always new – doesn’t anyone keep those bags out of the trash dumps at all? – backpacks the more the kids have to bend over to lean into their trudges to mom – or dad’s – waiting and sometimes honking chariots. Tell the kids to wear the bags higher – try getting some Army-Navy type store old military haversacks or knapsacks that will last a whole school cycle – elementary to masters or even – gasp – doctorate and for five bucks or so!And wear the damnthings high up on the shoulders and keep the chiropractitioners at bay. And recall, please, that all orthopaedic surgeons have large families and their kids go to expensive schools…a word to the wise, eh?)

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