“Personal Begging”

(September 9, 2019)

Personal begging

for others now its own cause:

Disaster Drawdown?

*(This further insight probably will draw more-than-usual ire. The amount of Notice Me, Notice Us doing something tor raise money – things – from others For You is just a step further into the quicksand of celebrity than I care to watch – or hear. Which is to say: it grates on me that Budweiser, Walmart, et al., expect me to continue paying for their goods and services – with an appropriately deducted “profit” to donate In Their Names for causes with which neither have any fore-knowledge of my own thoughts or feelings on the matter without at least this kind of screed accompanying?

Or, as we say in Mudgeon-ville: The Cur stands on its own two hind legs for This-un.)

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