“Miami ‘Fish’ Fry”

miami ‘fish fry’ –

so what’s new now? ‘mahi] grilled:

and so now dolphins?*

*(In this, the hundredth year of professional football – recall if you will it was an English sporting magazine well into the 19th Century which labelled their version of what was to become American football as “Soccer” – but one team ever has accomplished an undefeated and untied season’s record. And it is reputed that when the final squad falls off the chase Dolphins everywhere gather in great schools to crack open a bottle (or seventy) of fine bubbly so to celebrate their safe return to the only unbeaten ranks. One wonders if those last-century Dolphins of Don Shula’s taxonomic vintage take particular glee when one team so named “fish” fall by the wayside in this annual winnowing?)

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