“One-All In The Now Not-Sleepy” Tanka 2458

post-storm bake despite

few still-fresh third-day breezes:

no nap! rays* tie game!

two-bag error-comedy

now rays on all the bases!

*(Though I still prefer their old name The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, today’s modern less-threatening Rays of American League major league baseball are my listen-to of choice while reading, writing, gardening or avoiding noxious housework, the best is because they are in the same division with my since-childhood New York Yankees. So there! Born at Bethesda Naval Hospital, I am a Baltimore Colt, by grandparent placement in The Bronx, a Yankee, but by love of Bob Cousey and Red Auerbach’s delightful habit of lighting up a nasty, stinky ol’e fat victory cigar with minutes yet to play a Boston Celtics’ fan forever, though to be brutally honest most professional sports and their teams bore me – a longtime sports writer/photographer and editor covering most all American sports from pro- to just-stopped toddling-level and find my favorite times to watch still gravitate to college and high schools, though I have spent countless enjoyable hours patrolling just outside the lines at junior- and senior-level amateur events. One of my favorite memories is escorting a girlfriend to the long-gone Orlando Tennis Club to watch Pancho Gonzalez at the end of his legendary career hit on the old clay court, seen from a viewpoint at the juncture of the ad-court baselineand singles’ delineation. Ninety miles an hour and more! And most every time…IN!

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