Love thirst

Found through the good offices of Phoebe MD on WordPress. Deeply thought, Joel, beautifully expressed. thank you


I’ve seen love spread like a wildfire,
Now more than ever I wish to burn.
To feel the heat of it burning desire,
For a heart to see me and truly yearn.

Love is an epidemic running wild
And I so wish to be on it quarantine.
God forbid my symptoms be mild,
Do inject me with this infectious gene.

My blood is not enough to water my heart,
I need some love to irrigate that garden.
Unconditionally, unlike rain that comes in season.
Love that gives anomalies in my EKG chart.

Will my time ever come?
To be stupid in love, to be dumb.
Will I ever meet the one?
Perhaps she’s decided to be a nun.

But love is a true narcotic
And everyone wants to get high.
Like a narcotic, it damages the heart.
One heartbreak and… sigh!

We all have people we love but sometimes we…

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