My dear children,
In case i forget to, am too proud or too afraid or it is too late for me to tell you, I’d like you to read this from me…..
……from the mother who, if hasn’t done anything, has atleast tried

Dear children,
when you will enter this world, don’t be upset when you hear loud screams echoing in a bright room,
know that it is your mother, overjoyed and exhilarated at your arrival

Dear children,
I know you hate the vegetables and dream of living a life bathing in chocolate, pop tarts, candies and potato chips,
know that your mother is very patient but that does not mean you test it everyday

Dear children,
I will bandage your bruises, but not all of them, kiss the scratches on your face but not all of them because you need to raise yourself beyond these scratches,
as life will…

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Love thirst

Found through the good offices of Phoebe MD on WordPress. Deeply thought, Joel, beautifully expressed. thank you


I’ve seen love spread like a wildfire,
Now more than ever I wish to burn.
To feel the heat of it burning desire,
For a heart to see me and truly yearn.

Love is an epidemic running wild
And I so wish to be on it quarantine.
God forbid my symptoms be mild,
Do inject me with this infectious gene.

My blood is not enough to water my heart,
I need some love to irrigate that garden.
Unconditionally, unlike rain that comes in season.
Love that gives anomalies in my EKG chart.

Will my time ever come?
To be stupid in love, to be dumb.
Will I ever meet the one?
Perhaps she’s decided to be a nun.

But love is a true narcotic
And everyone wants to get high.
Like a narcotic, it damages the heart.
One heartbreak and… sigh!

We all have people we love but sometimes we…

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“Took Mensa & Turtle Tests”

(September 5, 2019)

took both Mensa* and

the ‘Are You A Turtle’ tests:

‘You Bet Your Sweet Ass!’

*(The Mensa was a self-administered exam I gave myself in junior high: forgot not the score but I was within range to ask for a formal attempt, I recall. Jack Morrison’s dad administered the “Are You A Turtle” test at their Loch Arbor golf-front home. Of the two, “Turtle” was more fun and in many ways more challenging. “You Bet Your Sweet Ass!”

“Chuck (Heston) Was Right!)

(September 5, 2018)

“Chuck*” is Right!


What flavor?

*(Charlton Heston’s character in the cult classic Soylent Green gets a nod in the “Correct” column with news a liberal doctor has decided we should not just recycle our bodies into growing foods but use the bodies as foods itself. Go lookitup! Write your own search parameters and see. The Clowns have taken over The Democrat Party and think we all are too a-scared to see the big carving knife hiding under the wings as the smiling rooster from hell tells us it’s the only way we can survive until Global Warming kills us all.)


“So, How ‘Bout A Double?*”

(September 5, 2019)

classic beisbol crawl:

shall save last two popcorn hands?

catch a few more pages?

*(Baseball is the best game for a multi-tasker who doesn’t mind knowing ahead of time fully three-quarters of all the action will involve failure. But there can be no failure in beisbol if there is popcorn and perhaps a book to catch a few ‘graphs between innings.)

“August Held Over”

(September 5, 2019)

held-over August

ennui – beer budget blown – now

hammock ‘drops’big stitch!

Ensconced between shading camphor trees with red and yellow shrimp plants among the visual delights, this doughty hammock has had its share of use – and abuse – and, alas, lost a valuable set of weaves and must be replaced.

“One-All In The Now Not-Sleepy” Tanka 2458

post-storm bake despite

few still-fresh third-day breezes:

no nap! rays* tie game!

two-bag error-comedy

now rays on all the bases!

*(Though I still prefer their old name The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, today’s modern less-threatening Rays of American League major league baseball are my listen-to of choice while reading, writing, gardening or avoiding noxious housework, the best is because they are in the same division with my since-childhood New York Yankees. So there! Born at Bethesda Naval Hospital, I am a Baltimore Colt, by grandparent placement in The Bronx, a Yankee, but by love of Bob Cousey and Red Auerbach’s delightful habit of lighting up a nasty, stinky ol’e fat victory cigar with minutes yet to play a Boston Celtics’ fan forever, though to be brutally honest most professional sports and their teams bore me – a longtime sports writer/photographer and editor covering most all American sports from pro- to just-stopped toddling-level and find my favorite times to watch still gravitate to college and high schools, though I have spent countless enjoyable hours patrolling just outside the lines at junior- and senior-level amateur events. One of my favorite memories is escorting a girlfriend to the long-gone Orlando Tennis Club to watch Pancho Gonzalez at the end of his legendary career hit on the old clay court, seen from a viewpoint at the juncture of the ad-court baselineand singles’ delineation. Ninety miles an hour and more! And most every time…IN!